EPI-USE AMS is an Application Management Service, which helps customers reduce operating costs and focus on value creation.

Our dedicated consultants support, operate and innovate IT systems, by an efficient international service model, combined with a wealth of expertise within these areas:

  • SAP Payroll & Time
  • SAP SuccessFactors

The three piers of the service model are:

  • Business Process Support - Service Requests, Questions, Incidents and Training
  • Business Process Execution - Monitoring, Planning, Payroll runs and “extra hands”
  • Business Process Improvement - Advisory, Change Requests, System Upgrades, Releases, Strategy, Processes, Legislations, Inspiration and Business Cases

The benefits of an AMS agreement with EPI-USE are:

  • Fast issue resolution – The experienced AMS consultants are much faster at finding errors and solutions than a typical IT user
  • Minimized operational risks – The AMS Team is behind our customers and capable of mitigating operational threats – such as sickness, critical errors or backup during payroll runs
  • Higher operational stability – The AMS Team knows the pitfalls, and can identify, clean-up and prevent root-cause issues
  • Lower operating costs – Ad hoc request for AMS services is much cheaper than for customers to hire their own system experts
  • Better innovation – Customers can convert the functionality and innovation suggested by the AMS Team, into value for their business
  • Higher quality and productivity – The AMS service model reduces obstacles and uncertainties leading to higher productivity and quality
  • Scalability – EPI-USE’s worldwide presence and strategic alliance with SAP to develop, deliver and support multiple country versions of SAP Payroll, ensures the required muscle and scalability to meet our customers ambitions
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – All the above benefits will result in lower TCO, higher user satisfaction, better customer service and increased competitive advantage

Customers have different service needs, so EPI-USE AMS offers three Service Levels:

  • Bronze – For self-sufficient customers, with occasional need for support and advisory - without specific response limits
  • Silver – For customers who obtain lowest TCO by combining own resources with external help - based on ticket priorities and reliable response times
  • Gold –  For customers who require the full range of AMS services and benefits – including tight response times, close collaboration and support in several countries



Our Nordic and Baltic headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our teams also work in offices in Aarhus, Helsinki and Stockholm.

For questions or inquiries, contact: 

+45 72 26 07 50

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