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Going to the cloud with HR solutions seems to be the topic of the day in HR. Stand-alone on-premises systems are soon history. According to the vendor statements, all known cloud HR solutions are easily implemented and smoothly integrated into the existing environments. Sounds excellent.

What is less discussed is the post-implementation life with cloud HR applications. From application vendor perspective there are practicalities for frequent version releases, support packages, and other technical features. They are to be processed either by the customers themselves or with vendor support.

For customers, it seems to become more challenging to see, how to deal with the frequent updates. What is the content, which updates to install, what are the impacts to processes, end-user instructions, and workflows? Should you limit your actions to the technical implementation only, or should you request for some additional services for impact evaluation – or even some support to re-define your work processes if needed? Thinking of cost-efficiency, which actions should be executed by the internal key-user team and in which parts consultants should be involved? Empiric data for reference may be difficult to find.

Looks like the vendors leave quite a number of decisions to customers. How do you define the best service set-up for your company? Some vendors have described the service offering for customers. The aim is to make it easier for the customers to understand what kind of service model could be the best for their company. It seems to be about the balance in internal delivery and consultant support combination, which most likely will be different compared to the current on-premise support models.

If the combination of internal and consultant work will change, will the consultant role change too? Yes, or at least the consultant profile may move closer to the customer processes and in the maintenance services, there may be more room for advisory-oriented services. Interesting trends and changes in the near future. 


– By Heleena Kiviranta, Head of Consulting, EPI-USE Finland