SAP Time & Attendance Management

WorkForce Time and Attendance software captures detailed labor data and automates even the most complex pay rules for your diverse workforce—hourly, salaried or contingent. This comprehensive solution provides:

  • Real time visibility into your workforce with automated employee time tracking for all locations in a single, cloud-based platform
  • Total transparency by giving employees direct access to their online timesheet and the ability to request time off with unmatched ease
  • Reduced payroll errors and improved accuracy by applying pay, attendance tracking, and other labor policies in real time
  • Simplified compliance with local, state/provincial, and country-specific labor laws around the globe

WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling

WorkForce Forecasting and Scheduling is an intelligent scheduling solution designed specifically for organizations with hourly paid employees across multiple locations. Our workforce scheduling solutions use data from your key business systems to create demand-based schedules avoiding any over or understaffing. This cloud-based solution can help you:

  • Accurately forecast and plan your labor requirements
  • Schedule a single location or an entire organization
  • Align schedules to financial budgets, labor to-sales ratios and local labor hours
  • Test millions of schedule combinations in one click, creating new, fully optimized schedules in minutes
  • Improve employee productivity through optimized resourcing
  • Accurately report on your KPIs such as labor cost, attendance, absence, workforce compliance and even assess the quality and fairness of each schedule


To manage a global workforce, you need a time management solution that can manage absence policies, time accruals, and time-off requests. Furthermore, such a solution should allow employees to record their working time and automatically calculate payroll. Many HR organizations use several different systems to manage transactions for employee time management. Often, employees are unsure about the status of their time-off requests and experience inconsistencies in overtime calculations.

SuccessFactors Employee Central core HR is the cloud solution that provides a single source for your employee records. Employee Central includes time management functionality that supports time-off requests, and it includes the new payroll time sheet. HR managers can define time accounts, manage work schedules, calculate time accruals as they relate to time-off eligibility, configure overtime rules, and stay on top of employee leave requests. And they can accomplish all of that through a consumer-grade user interface in a system that offers reporting capabilities.


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