Rethink SAP Systems Integration

SAP systems integration with epi-use

The development of cloud functionalities signifies for numerous SAP users the ability to run simultaneously an on-premise and a cloud system. The technologies are promising, but it can be difficult to exploit the potential of the two systems, as their structures and functions are fundamentally different from one another. Hence, for HR and Payroll officers, hybrid systems can actually result in time-consuming tasks and missed-opportunities. 


In the Nordics, EPI-USE Nordic and Baltic’s team integrates SuccessFactors cloud solutions with SAP on-premise products. 

The procedure entails mapping, replicating and integrating the client’s data through the SAP Integration offering. Instead of a costly home-grown file-transfer mechanism, our team uses SAP Cloud Platform Integration as middleware. In this way, our team sets-up the SAP Cloud Platform to handle the communication between the SAP on-premise system and SuccessFactors, while utilizing the Business Integration Builder for mapping fields and values in the on-premise system.


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For the users, this setting means that their tasks are simplified, and their data more consistent and reliable. SAP’s clients can enjoy the best of their existing investment and the power of the new cloud-based applications. In addition, this hybrid system unleashes new possibilities for HR department, such as running payrolls with SAP ERP on-premise whilst using employees’ data from SuccessFactors Employee Central.